Reduce the landfill mountain,

buy recycled and reused. 

Shop with us and help encourage the recycling, re-purpose and reuse of what already exists. 


Our vision is for a future where less of the world's new resources are mined, farmed and processed and more of what we throw away is creatively reused.


We aim to promote the sale of such goods and encourage the use of second-hand and discarded items to be the working materials of the majority of designers and makers. 


We've brought together a selection of fine products made or designed in the UK and all made from a minimum of 75% used, unwanted items and recycled materials. We believe our vision can be a reality if we all commit to buying new goods made from what already exists.

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Shop our collections of jewellery, accessories and homeware and see how unwanted and recycled materials are becoming the exciting new 

products of the future.  

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