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Luxecycled is the creation of Gilly and James, a London-based couple who want to make a difference.


'After many years working in design and sales we realised that the world couldn't continue to produce and consume new products at the rate it was, without something radically changing.


We wanted a future where less of the world's new resources would be farmed, mined and processed and more of what we use and throw away could be creatively reworked again and again.


This ideal for the future could become a reality if we all commit to buying great products made from quality used and unwanted materials. This is why we created Luxecycled, a place where recycled and re-purposed doesn't mean rough and ready and handmade doesn't have to look homemade.   


We've brought together a selection of fine quality products, made by British designers and craftspeople, but most importantly, all made from used, unwanted and recycled materials - ethical shopping in its truest sense.'  

Luxecycled - Helping the planet
one purchase at a time