Where is my order?

Goods are dispatched within the time frame specified on the product listing. If you havent received your order within one week after the dispatch date, please let us know and we will contact the seller and try and find out.

I've changed my mind, how do I cancel my order?

You are entiltled to cancel or return your goods if done so within 14 days of receipt. You will need to let us know in writing by emailing us at

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When will I get my refund?

The price of goods returned will be refunded within one day of the confirmation that goods have returned to the seller. Please allow a further day for funds to clear.

Do I have to pay the postage to return my item?

If you change your mind on your order, you can return them for a refund if done so within the standard 14 day period. If received in perfect order they will be refunded in full, including the outward postage. However, if you return goods that are not faulty you are liable for the cost of the return shipping.

My goods are faulty, what should I do?

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