Fully opposable wooden light,  handmade from internal fittings of a 1960s office block in Newcastle. The 1..2..3..4.. Light is so called because the top section is made from one piece of wood, the second section, two piece, the third section, three pieces… and so on. Very limited availablity due to its heritage. Also available in light English oak. 


All Handmade Tyneside products are handmade entirely from reclaimed or salvaged wood, using traditional carpentry and wood-shop techniques. This means each item is unique and therefore products may vary slightly, to those shown.


Made from: 100% reclaimed wood

New fittings and bulb




By Handmade Tyneside

1,2,3,4 Light in Iroko

SKU: 10497
  • Handmade Tyneside is a one-man wood shop and design studio based in the North East of England. Everything is handmade, using 100% reclaimed wood sourced from all over Tyneside and Northumberland; from the age-old dance floor of a derelict nightclub to something with the character and heritage of church doors or mahogany lift cladding.

    Every item is unique. Many pieces will be a limited run meaning when the wood runs out, so does the product line.