Hand crafted from eco gold wire these minimalist hoops are delicate in style with a lightly hammered surface. They offer an alternative to heavy-looking piercing jewellery.

Push/twist ends away from each other to open. Don't pull apart to open as hoop will loose it's shape. This type of opening can take a little practice to put in but once in it is so comfortable with no snagging hinges! Please note the heavier gauge wires such as 1.2mm and 1.5mm may require pliers to open and close. For fully healed piercings only.  Gold or silver available.

Available in various sizes and gauges. Please see options currently available.


Made from: 100% recycled gold


Size: From  1mm - 1.5mm gauge approx.



By Maria Alicia Jewellery

Hammered Gold Nose Piercing Ring

SKU: 10416
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