Black rubber samosa-shaped coin purse, handmade from recycled bicycle inner tubes. Inner tubes are made from vegan-friendly butyl rubber which, unless patched or upcylced, end up in landfill. Samosas feature poppers for closure and a wide mouth which makes it easy to see what's inside. The larger size can hold rolled up notes. Available in Small, Medium and Large.


Each triangular purse is different and can be either plain black for a leather-look, or with coloured stripes, patches or writing that show off  their previous lives. .


Made from: 

Purse body: 100% recycled rubber

Poppers: new metal 


Small: 10cm at edge

Medium: 11cm at edge

Large: 12cm at edge


(Due to the handmade and repurposed nature of this product all sizes are approximate and purses will vary). 



By Team Sikel

Inner Tube Samosa Purse

SKU: 10196
Luxecycled - Helping the planet
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