Black slimline rubber wallet, handmade from recycled bicycle inner tubes. Inner tubes are made from vegan-friendly butyl rubber which, unless patched or upcylced, end up in landfill.


Each wallet is different and can be either plain black for a leather-look, or with coloured stripes, patches or writing that show off  their previous lives. Wallets feature poppers for closure, two card pockets (each able to hold more than one card) and a larger pocket for notes. Due to the handmade nature of these wallets, each one will vary). 


Made from: 

Wallet body: 100% recycled rubber

Poppers: new metal 


Length: 17cm (when open)

Wide: 10-11cm



By Team Sikel


Bicycle Inner Tube Wallet

SKU: 10195
Luxecycled - Helping the planet
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