The double-ended Cook’s Spoon has been hand carved from a recycled Irish whiskey barrel stave with beautifully rounded edges, sanded to a silky smooth finish and polished with the maker's own handmade Irish organic linseed wood polish. One tablespoon and teaspoon measures - a beautiful edition to any kitchen.

Wood: 100% recycled oak wood

Size: 20cm x 5cm x 2.5cm 



By Whiskey Wood Craft


Australian Greg lives and works in Northern Ireland handcrafting beautiful and unique items from old Irish whiskey barrels. He uses sustainable and recycled materials whilst retaining the beauty of each piece. Greg says, 'Each piece is different to the next, it takes time and patience to do everything by hand, but that's just how I love to work'. 

Oak Whiskey Barrel Double-ended Spoon

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