Luxurious fine ribbed oversized wrap in a rich carob brown colour, made with beautifully soft and cosy cashmere and super-fine merino wool. Elegant and versatile, this gorgeuos wrap is perfect as an extra layer whilst travelling, as a super-soft scarf in winter or a light stole on summer evenings.


Made from -

95% recycled re-engineered cashmere

5% super-fine merino wool


One size

The yarn for this garment is spun in Italy from both pre and post-production waste that is “harvested” from a small consortium of knitwear manufacturers in Italy.  Independent assessors have shown that the production of this yarn creates 97% less CO2, uses 97% less water and 82% less energy than would be needed for the production of the same yarn using virgin fibres.



By Ecologie 


Oversized Cashmere Wrap in Carob

SKU: 10070
Luxecycled - Helping the planet
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