Bookends made from recycled Wood and Metal Cans. The cans have each been carefully cut to size and filled with cement to provide suitable weight. They come fitted with non-slip rubber feet to keep them from sliding .


Made from:

reclaimed pine.and tin cans



12cm x 12cm approx.



By Lionshed Designs


Lionshed Designs are a small family run business who are passionate about making new and unique things, out of the unused and unwanted.  They say: 'At Lionshed Designs we care deeply for our beautiful planet. With this in mind we're always trying to come up with new ways to up-cycle and re-work old wood and other materials that would otherwise be thrown into landfill causing serious harm to our beautiful environment.'

Rustic Tin Can Bookends

SKU: 10377
Luxecycled - Helping the planet
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         London, UK 2019. 
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