Unisex vegan baseball tee in grey and navy with slogan 'Nothing was destroyed in the making of this tee shirt'. Let them read it, let them feel it, then let them know that literally nothing was destroyed to look this damn good. 

Available in a range of sizes. 


Made from 100% recycled fabric:

60% Recycled Organic Cotton

40% Recycled Polyester 


XS, S, M and L available. 


By Love Gang Store


New Age Heroes Love Gang are a vegan, ethical and sustainable clothing brand. They believe that not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear vest tops, others wear tees and some just love a good hoodie. 'Think about where your clothes came from before buying, and think about where they'll end up when you're done rocking them'.  Good advice we think!

Unisex Baseball Tee in Navy and Grey

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