Unusual  plank light with LED strip lights, made from a church door dating back to 1862! The wood has been carefully stripped back removing decades of different coloured paints, handcut, assembled and finished with a dark wax.  LED ligths have been added at the sides to give off a warm glow of light. Great as a night light or decorative lighting feature in any room. 


All Handmade Tyneside products are handmade entirely from reclaimed or salvaged wood, using traditional carpentry and wood-shop techniques. This means each item is unique and therefore products may vary slightly, to those shown.


Made from: 100% reclaimed wood

New LED lights




By Handmade Tyneside

Wooden Plank Light

SKU: 10493
  • Handmade Tyneside is a one-man wood shop and design studio based in the North East of England. Everything is handmade, using 100% reclaimed wood sourced from all over Tyneside and Northumberland; from the age-old dance floor of a derelict nightclub to something with the character and heritage of church doors or mahogany lift cladding.

    Every item is unique. Many pieces will be a limited run meaning when the wood runs out, so does the product line.