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The UK has some of the most talented designers, makers and craftspeople in the world, using traditional and modern skills to create a range of beautiful and innovative products. 

But though many of these items are crafted from natural or ethically sourced materials, for the most part these are new materials that require energy and resources to produce them. This extraction, refining and processing inevitably creates pollution, wastes valuable energy and increases greenhouse gas emissions. 

The aim of Luxecycled is to encourage the use of second-hand and unwanted items to become the working materials of the majority of makers and designers. If we continue to desire and buy new items the way we currently do, products made from fresh raw materials will inevitably become luxuries the planet will struggle to afford.


Our vision is for buying new and exciting products to be an enjoyable and positive experience without the guilt or worry for the health of our planet. 


By featuring and supporting creators of handcrafted, recycled and fully sustainable products we want to make this available to all so it becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Please browse our collections to buy joyfully and responsibly!

Luxecycled - Helping the planet
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